• AndersN


    Friday wines. Sorry for reviewing the wines from ”my chateau”
    but I have to try them once in a while :) Hope everyone have a nice weekend.

    Chateau de Haux Grand Reserve 2008 and Chateau de Haux Reserve
    de proprietaires 2010

    2008 , 12,5% have a nose of funk, wood and raspberry/cherry
    sauce. Funk indeed, On the palate it is medium bodied with lush cherry and plum flavours, Sandy tannins and fair amount of white pepper heat on the tounge and back end.
    Nice and lush. Light food wine

    2010. 13,5% Owhoaa... cherry, raspberry and blackberry
    marmalde on the nose, A lot of fruit. On the tounge more medium-full body and
    lots of fruit . A sweet feel all through. Mid palate is velvety tannins with
    light green pepper flavour. Back end dry with cherry pits and milk chocolate.
    Medium long finish. Approachable wine already. Got the Grande reserve on hold at
    the chateau. Might have to get that home in spring.

    over 5 years ago