• Dominus


    Good evening everyone;

    I need some help in finding a stellar Malber or Syrah/Shiraz to pair with Persian cuisine. I read that Syrah is the first seed but my friend, who escaped Iran during the 1970s prefers Malbecs so I have some options.

    Money is no object when it comes to this group of friends but most importantly, the wine must be stellar. If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way. I'm quaffing on this tonight and I must say, it is delicious after I let it open up for a hour or so. Very nice and inexpensive.


    P.S. It's heresy but Go Pats and of course the 49ers (rooting for Lisa) ;)

    over 5 years ago

    • WhineAndCheersForWine


      Dominus thanks for the Malbec post from Whine and Cheers for Wine. My absolute fav Malbec is made by LaMadrid. Their Reserve and Grand Reserve are very worthy and usually priced in the $18-$35 range. SALUD!

      over 5 years ago