• Dominus


    Well, I'm back after experiencing one of the worst losses I can ever remember and I can remember alot of debacles but this one took the cake. Can someone explain to me why on 3rd down, 30 seconds to go on their own 30 WITHOUT ANY TIMEOUTS and you let some second-rate receiver get behind you!!! @@#%^&* Uneffingbelievable. To make things worse, Wacko is faced with 3rd and 10 on HIS OWN 5 yard line and he throws for a first down. Now, we have to sit through one of these despised teams, Pats and Ravens going to the Super Bowl. Please help me.

    GO 49ers or Falcons.

    Hope life is treating everyone well otherwise. On the job front, I had an interview with a placement agency and the nice, young gal will be sending my resumé to two companies: PBS and a company 5 mins from my house. There is hope.


    P.S. Why did Peyton throw that ball? :(

    over 5 years ago