• Dominus


    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I hope Santa was good to you. For me, it's been up and down. On the up side, I have my health, thank Gd and the Broncos and the Colts are in the playoffs. Yes, the Colts are in the playoffs. Who would have thunk Peyton would have come back and the Colts improve from 2 to 9+ wins in one year with the only change being a rookie QB? Also, I've enjoyed some interesting wines, i.e. Sawtooth (Utah) Temparanillo but unfortunately on the downside my best friend is still in a coma with few signs of recovering. :(

    Otherwise, life is good and I hope the best for everyone.

    Hope Santa brought you lots of nice wines.


    P.S. No job yet. Go Colts!!!! ;)

    over 5 years ago