March 2011 issue no. 1

Title Gary_jersey

Thanks for checking out my very first monthly newsletter! This will give you an idea of what being a VIG is all about... hundreds of additional tasting notes, a "state of the union" wine biz video, and in the other newsletters, exclusive monthly deals and offers on cool wine products and experiences. This first one is on the house but you'll want to subscribe to get in on the monthly action!

The month of March had me diving heavily into some recently released wines from California, including a major focus on 2008 Napa Valley Cabernets. In general, I was really pleasantly surprised by many of the wines. The 2007 Napa Valley vintage has stolen a lot of the attention, while many of these 2008s manage to quietly bring some serious thunder. The good news about both of them? Both 2007 and 2008 come across as relatively approachable at such a young age, their big, concentrated fruit flavor matching up to their big boy tannin structures. In other words, I think both vintages at the higher end offer drink-me-now pleasure, combined with the ability to age if you choose to put some in the cellar for anniversaries or baby's birthdays.

But it wasn't just Napa that caught my attention. As always, I'm never one to pigeon hole myself into only a few regions or grape varieties. Thankfully, there were plenty of wines to get excited about outside of Northern California (and some that should be pazzzzed on, of course). Some of the highest praise I gave in this newsletter went to Ceretto, a producer in Piedmont, Italy. These wines, and so many others that I routinely taste from the region, absolutely knocked my socks off. In the world of collectible wine, Nebbiolo continues to be undervalued. Is Barolo and Barbaresco expensive? Yep, it sure can be. But when compared with the top wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and even the aforementioned Napa Valley, they look like relative bargains. Many serious collectors are just beginning to take notice, which is ticking the needle and sending the pricing on many Barolos upward. If I can offer up one piece of advice this month to the person beginning to build a cellar without the means for Mouton or Montrachet, it would be to start riding the Nebbiolo train... before it's too late.

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